1.8m Prime Focus Mesh Satellite Dish with Floor Mount Stand

Specification: 6 Panels (Sector Divided) Diameter 180cm Focal Length 68.2cm C-BAND Gain: 4.0GHz 35.89dB ± 1dB KU-BAND Gain: 12.5GHz 45.54dB ± 1dB Elevation angle range 0 - 90 degrees Azimuth 0 - 360 degrees Aperture Efficiency 75% F / D ratio 0.38 Paint (Polyester Powder) Colour (Light Grey) Standard Mount (G/P/W/PM) G/P/W Pole diameter Acceptable (mm) 75-89 Ambient Temperature -40 oC ~ +60 oC Relative Humidity 0~100% Note: Picture is for illustration purpose and the dish does not have any logo

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