1m Technomate Soild Satellite Dish with TM1 0.1dB LNB

100cm Technomate Soild Satellite Dish This 100cm Hi-Gain Solid Offset Steel dish has good Gain and is of strong build quality. Dish is constructed of steel with an alloy arm and Plastic LNB holder. Technical Specifications 100cm Hi-Gain Satellite Dish Material: Zinc Phosphate Steel with Polyester Powder Coating Color: Dark Grey (As Pictured) Small Axis Diameter: 87cm Long Axis Diameter: 100cm Pole Mount / Mast Diameter: 35-65mm Offset Angle: 26.37° Gain (10,7GHz) 38,9dB Gain (11,7GHz) 37dB Gain (12,7GHz) 39,8dB Operational Wind 90Km/Hr Survival Wind 150Km/Hr Weight: 4.65kg Assembly Instructions Note: Accessories & Fittings are provided for secure AZ-EL Mounting on to a Pole, Wall or Ground Mount. Technomate TM-1 Super High Gain 0.1dB Universal Single LNB Technomate TM-1 LNB Technomate High Performance Universal Single LNB is one of the best performing LNB on the market today. The Technomate Single Universal LNB is a high quality product combined with the newest technology with a noise figure of 0.1dB. This compact LNB is the key to the world of digital television. High stability, excellent noise figure and highly developed production technology. Note: We can upgrade you to Twin, Quad & Octo LNBs if required. If you have any special requirements please contact us before purchase. Technical Specifications Model: Technomate TM-1 Universal 0.1dB Single LNB Input Low Band: 10.7 - 12.75GHz Noise Figure High/Low Band: 0.1dB (Typ) Fitting-Feed: 40mm Weather: Water proof boot

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