65cm Technomate Solid Satellite Dish Pole Mount Fittings 60

The TM-65 S is a high-gain solid offset satellite dish that will give you the best possible signal strength and quality from a dish of this size. Most dishes are made of Steel but we use high-quality, lightweight Zinc Phosphate Steel which reduces the weight impact on your building and also reflects a better signal to your LNB. Long-term corrosion is prevented by an extremely thorough anti-corrosive process and polyester coating. A solid construction of all parts, including the non-slip mast brackets, ensures that the dish remains in its correct position, when other dishes are damaged in high winds or storms. Technical Specifications 65cm Solid Satellite Dish Material: Zinc Phosphate Steel (Dish & Arm) Diameter: 60cm x 66cm Offset Angle: 26° Frequency: 10.70-12.75GHz Coating Finish: Polyester Powder Pole Mount / Mast Diameter: 35-65mm Note: Accessories & Fittings are provided for secure AZ-EL Mounting on to a Pole, Wall or Ground Mount (As pictured without the pole).

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