Active radio and TV caravan antenna HQ

Description Active Radio and TV antenna for the reception of analog and digital (DVB-T) signals. This is a great aerial designed to pull in signals in weak signal areas. It is an 'active' aerial meaning that it has a booster built into it and also comes with a power supply to power the booster. Suitable for caravanners, campers, boaters and marine etc. The amplifier included has an output for the antenna and 2 x TV sockets. Also included is the dc cable and 6m coax cable and mounting brackets. This kit includes everything you need to get going including a 12v connector for the booster which can also be powered by 240v. Suitable for the reception of digital and analog signals. Note that this uni-directional area will provide trouble free reception as opposed to the omni directional aerials which inherently cause problems due to the fact that they pull in signals from all transmitters in the area which cause the signals to conflict and give very poor reception. Omni directional aerials are notorious for giving poor reception. This aerial provides a much safer option. Also note that this aerial also gives the added advantage of being to be used for radio signal reception, most others do not have this feature. Product properties Gain 22 - 24 dB(A) Colour Grey / Red Cable Length 500 cm Voltage 12DC, 220AC V Size 128 x 37 x 6 cm Type TV, Radio Frequency Band VHF, UHF, FM Location Outdoor LTE filter No Frequency Range VHF 40 - 230 Frequency Range UHF 470 - 860

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