Maxview Variable Signal Booster 12 24V TV FM

If you are struggling to receive some of the digital terrestrial channels clearly or are experiencing picture break up on your TV, this may be due to being in a very poor signal area and a signal booster may be required. When connected between your aerial and TV/Set top box, a booster will amplify the signal being received from your closest TV transmitter. The now amplified signal should then give you more chance of receiving a clearer, stronger and more stable picture. The 12/24V DC Variable Gain Signal Booster (MXL008) is designed for use in touring applications to boost and distribute both TV and FM signals. The Maxview MXL008 12 Volt TV Signal Booster features a variable gain control, allowing for optimum signal adjustment to give the best possible picture and sound quality. It is suitable for indoor use only and comes complete with easy to follow fully illustrated instructions. Power to the signal booster can be provided either from a 12V or 24V battery (12V/24V fused power cable is provided). The unit can be used either to boost a signal to one or two TVs (it has one input and two outputs). Features Variable gain control to optimise signal strength Professional, gold plated 'F' connectors Blue LED power indicator Low power consumption 2 year guarantee Includes 'F' to coaxial cable 12/24V fused power cable Mounting accessories Full instructions

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