1.15m Mix Digital Premium TRX Satellite Dish Pole Fittings 115cm

This 1.15m Hi-Gain Solid Offset Steel dish has superb gain and will bring you the best possible signal strength and quality from a dish of this size. The Dish & Arm is made from Solid Steel, finished with Rust Resistant paint coating, Solid Plastic LNB holder & Metal Pole Mount Fittings. The offset gives high concentration of signal to the LNB without compromise, Manufactured in europe for Durability, Quality & Reliability. Designed for digital applications, for Fixed, Multi-Feed and Motorised DiSEqC systems. Suitable for multiple satellite mast fitting range of 35 - 65mm. The dish combines excellent electrical efficiency with strong mechanical performance. Technical Specifications 115cm High-Gain Solid Satellite Dish Material: Steel Color: Dark Grey (As pictured) Dish Total Size: 1191 x 1100mm Pole Mount / Mast Diameter: 35-65mm Offset Angle: 23° Gain (10,7GHz) 40dB Gain (11,7GHz) 40.5dB Gain (12,7GHz) 40.8dB Beamwidth (-3dB) a 12,75GHz 1,6° Elevation 8°/49° Reflector degree 51 °/113° Weight: 10.5kg This dish supplied with AZ-EL Pole Mount Bracket Fitting, for mounting on Pole/Mast, Wall Mount or DiSEqC 1.2 / USALS Motor Note: Accessories & Fittings are provided for secure AZ-EL Mounting on to a Pole, Wall or Ground Mount (As pictured without the pole).

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