Maxview Target Fully Automatic Satellite System 85cm Twin

Features: Following on from the success of the 'Seeker Wireless' Maxview is proud to launch the new 'Target' fully automatic satellite system. The key difference is the 'Target' is fully controlled by the new control box with a new user interface. The unique control box is simple in design, intuitive to use, and still benefits from the USB updates. Welcome to the Target, by Maxview. Press and go, the convenience of having all your TV channels ready to watch in an instant at the touch of a button 5 pre-programmed satellites as standard (ASTRA 1, 2, 3, Hotbird & Thor)* Easy to use wired control box Average search time 30-60 seconds typical Future proof with free software updates via a USB stick Low stream line profile, only 17cm in park position Twin LNB All weather resistant construction 'Easy adjust' manual skew system For permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle Compatible with any SD and HD Free to air satellite receivers including SKY™ 3 year guarantee Designed in the UK Future proof design: Periodically all automatic satellite systems may require an update to enable them to lock on to the selected signal. We have designed the Target with this in mind making it easy for you to update. Simply load new software onto a USB stick and insert into the control box. Your system is then upgraded to locate and lock onto the new satellite settings Specifications: 12V operation Maximum 2A consumption during search Average search time 30-60 seconds typical Automatic lowering ignition safety system Gain (65cm) 38.1dB, Gain (85cm) 39.4dB High Quality 0.2db Universal LNB Control Box allows any Satellite Receiver or Plus recording receiver to be connected Stores up to 5 satellites Pre-programmed with 5 satellites (Astra variants 1/2/3, Hotbird & Thor) MXL017/85/TWIN - TARGET 85 TWIN - Antenna Unit Weight - 11kg - 85cm Offset Aluminium Antenna - 38.1dB gain

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