Technomate TM 2600 M2 Super DiSEqC Satellite Motor

Key Features This motor is high graded and much better than the earlier version. This motor is an all metal drive. The new Technomate TM-2600 motor is even much more stronger, faster and more durable than other motor. Very easy to set up and is an ideal replacement for you current systems motor. Everything is controlled via only one coaxial cable. Specification Metal Drive Dish Size: 1.4 Meter Max (20 Kg) Diameter of Mounting Pole: 35-65mm Ultra low noise Compact structure Adjustable hardware limits High efficiency designed 60 Satellite positions Special Design for Receiver with DiSEqC 1.2 / 1.3 Usuals Only One Coaxial Cable Control Go To X Function High Efficiency Compact Structure Adjustable Hardware Limits Easy Installation with LED Indicator Manual EAST / WEST button Talronce Free Gears Zero Drive Play To Avoid Lose Of Signal

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