Triax TD110 Satellite Dish Pole Mount Fitting 110cm

Product Description: Almost any dish can provide the signals needed to get a clear TV-picture. But will consumer satisfaction last, if signals deteriorate due to corrosion of the reflector or if the dish is damaged by a storm? TD dishes minimize problems of any kind. Long-term corrosion is prevented by an extremely thorough anti-corrosive process and polyester coating. A solid construction of all parts, including the non-slip mast brackets, ensures that the dish remains in its correct position, when other dishes are torn down or twisted by a heavy storm. Mounted and adjusted in two minutes Saving trouble and money is not only a long-term consumer benefit. TD dishes allow a substantial reduction in time used for mounting and adjusting: The elevation bracket is pre-mounted and is easily fixed to the mast with non-slip mast brackets A setting scale on the elevation brackets facilitates precise adjustment to the required satellite The pre-mounted feedarm just needs unfolding, and the LNB holder with the LNB is simply clicked on (LNB not supply with the dish) The dish is of rugged steel construction finished with Triax`s renowned 6-coat paint system. TD110 High quality design Simple installation and adjustment LNB cable can be routed through the feed arm Stable, non slip mast bracket Galvanised steel with poyester powder coat Technical Specifications Frequency range: 10.7-12.75 MHz Gain @ 11.7 GHz: 40.2 dBi Height (cm): 105 cm Width (cm): 100 cm Material: Galvanised steel Finish: Polyester Powder coat LNB holder: Plastic LNB size: 40 + 25 mm Mast diameter: 40-60 mm Beamwidth: 1.8° Windload @ 42 m/s: 1222 N Other G/T LNB 0.7: 20.6 dB/K X-polarisation: >27 dB Offset angle: 26 ° Elevation range: 10-50 / 45-80° Reflector type: Offset Net Weight: 11,000 kg Tara Weight: 2,000 kg Total Weight: 13,000 kg

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